Just Evil Enough is a Playbook for Subversive Marketers 

You work hard, you read all the right blogs. You do everything you’ve been told is best practice, and yet you still feel like you’re drowning in the noise. There’s a reason for that. Established platforms got to the top by NOT playing by the rules. Once ensconced, they wrote the playbook that you’re trying to implement. Has it occurred to you that the game is rigged?

This book came about when two subversive marketing experts decided to lift the lid on what they have learned after decades at the coalface of high – performance marketing. This book is a handbook for unexpected, subversive go-to-market campaigns that cut through the noise of the attention economy—campaigns that will leave your competitors scrambling to catch up. 

There’s a reason you’re not clicking any more: The attention economy destroyed traditional marketing. Instead, great marketers unearth new ways to create attention and turn it into profitable demand.

This is a skill you can learn.

We’ve spent years studying the new realities of marketing. Just Evil Enough will reset your marketing career so you can stop writing press releases and start hacking markets.

When, Where, How Much?

The book had a planned launch date of September 2021. The minor matter of a global pandemic gave us a new frame. Then Maven asked if we would include Just Evil Enough on their CBC platform. The book will be ready when it’s ready, but you can steal 13 lessons from the course right now. The Maven course launches in November 2021.  And you can pre-order the book. 



Alistair is a best-selling author and entrepreneur who accelerates startups, transforms the business models of big companies, and creates some of the world’s best conversations about technology and society.

Emily is a communications expert who works with emerging technology brands, turning complex ideas into stories that fascinate and compel. She’s the founder of bespoke marketing strategy firm Inkvine.

Both of them nerd out about subversive hacks that reset expectations and redefines what’s possible. For three years, they’ve been developing the Just Evil Enough method with audiences and companies worldwide.

Want early access to the ideas behind Just Evil EnoughMail us for details on our virtual and in-person workshops.


In the wrong hands, this book could sow chaos and destruction. Or worse, sit idle on a shelf while your brand withers and your customers grow bored.

To make sure it gets to those who need it most, we first need to complete an assessment of your propensity for mischief and subversion. Complete the form below, and await further instructions.

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