You Chose Team Orange.

One person who completes this survey will get a workshop or keynote talk for their event, organization or company. Normally, we charge $15K for that sort of thing. Assuming we go ahead with the course, our winner will also get to attend the entire course, absolutely free.

The Rules

  • You can only take this survey once! If your email appears in both surveys, or more than once in this one, you will be disqualified.
  • The winner will be chosen at random from the survey that has the most responses.
  • Keynote presentations are done via Zoom. However, if you are happy to organize travel, we are happy to come to you.

Here’s Your Quiz.

What’s your email address?While we’re slightly evil, we won’t do anything with this other than contact you if you’ve won the prize.
So make sure it’s a real email address.
What do you do?Are you a marketer? Product manager? Startup founder? VC? Pro wrestler? Despicable overlord? All of the above?
What would you hope to learn from a course on subversive go-to-market strategy?We’ll use this information to shape the content of the course.
What should we charge for a 6-week live course?Respondents to this early beta survey will be offered a hefty discounted, along with priority registration. There’s also no obligation to take the course, this is simply a validation exercise.