You’re our kind of person and we wanted to give you something special.
Here’s a list of some of our favourite people, podcasts and newsletters. Some of these sources are under the radar. Some are more mainstream but still worthy of your attention. All have our seal of approval. Any of these will make you look and sound smarter than you were before. 

Read Frameworks 2.0, and follow Chris Paik. 

Chris Paik is a co-founder at Pace Capital, a $150M fund focused on Series A investments. He’s also former co-founder of Thrive Capital, now one of the top multi-stage institutional firms in the U.S.   ‘Frameworks 2.0’ is a treasure trove of business insight. You can find it pinned to his Twitter feed. It pulls together ideas from various intellectual fields to provide a condensed overview of rubrics and reflections on business, some of which are referenced in Just Evil Enough. 

Research and Decision Making: Farrah’s Newsletter

Farrah Bostic is Head of Strategy and Research at The Difference Engine; a remarkable NYC research firm that provides clarity around the important decisions leaders and brands make. Follow Farrah on Twitter and better yet, sign up for her brilliant newsletter, aptly titled ‘Stoked!’ which explores decision making in an uncertain world. 

Interactive Storytelling and the Future of Media: Rerun from Axonista.

Rerun is an expertly curated roundup of news and stories with a focus on digital storytelling, interactive media and the future of TV. Pulled together by the video commerce industry leaders at Axonista, it’s published every Friday. Currently on issue 324, every week has the very latest and most scintillating news from entertainment, gaming and media. 

Travel and Adventure: Atlas Obscura

You may already know about AO, but it’s worth a reminder. Having been confined to quarters for so long, many of us have some pretty profound wanderlust. For travellers everywhere Atlas Obscura provides an alternative guide to far flung places. What’s off the beaten track? Tasty and tangential trips? Atlas Obscura is the perfect travel guide for subversive travellers.

Digital media: Six Pixels of Separation 

The podcast (and book of the same name) by Mitch Joel unpicks the new media landscape, and explores the connections between consumers, brands, online marketing, social media and more, helping businesses to succeed outside of traditional mass media. But don’t just take our word for it… “In a world filled with broken promises, Mitch Joel is the real deal. He lives the work he talks about, and he does it with generosity and insight.” – Seth Godin.

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